Illuminating the techniques used in drug advertisements
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Introduction to Healthy Skepticism AdWatch

The problem:

Misleading drug promotion is more common, more influential and more harmful than is generally realised. It is difficult to decide which claims about drugs to accept and which claims to resist.


The solution:

AdWatch is a monthly webpage designed to help doctors, pharmacists and the public defend ourselves from misleading drug promotion.

AdWatch illuminates the logical, psychological and pharmacological techniques used in drug advertisements.

AdWatch also provides practical recommendations for optimal medical care.

Everyone is invited to participate by providing feedback to AdWatch and to the company responsible for the advertisement.

AdWatch is quick and easy to read, enlightening, and free at:


AdWatch is produced by Healthy Skepticism Inc. 

Healthy Skepticism Inc is an international non-profit organisation aiming to improve health by reducing harm from drug promotion.

Please visit:


What do people say about AdWatch?

(Feedback from around the world on the AdWatch prototype.)

"Thanks for your thought provoking work."

"This is an excellent way of educating us."

"Great new development. I like this short form."

"I enjoy having the ads analysed like this. Keep up the good work."

"They use the very same -misleading - claims "up here", in Finland, too." 

"A useful way to point out the tricks of the advertising trade to doctors and others."

"Very clear comments on confusing advertising. I look forward to the next AdWatch."

"This type of work will definitely create more informed prescribers and ultimately patients will benefit a lot."

"AdWatch is fabulous - interesting to see deconstructionism at work in such a pragmatic context. Well done!"

"GREAT WORK!!!! This is JUST what busy physicians need to be able to "counterdetail". Thank you so much."

 "This helps not only with this particular drug, but also equips me to better evaluate other drug company claims. Thanks."


AdWatch is produced by Healthy Skepticism:
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